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November 3, 2010 — Disabilities Resource Fair

Dozens of local organizations gathered to make known their unique resources to the community of disabled persons. Eve and Lindy answered questions about how the Free Legal Clinic and its knowledge of community resources can help support disabled persons and their families to create a trust, delay eviction, get access to educational tutoring, and more. FLC is always willing to connect with local school programs to better serve the community.

November 10, 2010– Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Jan O’Brien, (Board Member), and Eve Schatz, Esq. attended a Community Heath Programs, Inc. (CHP) outreach event at Kripalu. The event was open to all employees and workshop attendees at no cost. This is our fourth annual Kripalu outreach event where the Free Legal Clinic provided clients with access to legal advice and social and community referrals to clients in need. If you would like to bring a Free Legal Clinic to your employment campus as a benefit or service to your employees, call FLC at 413-854-1955. Kripalu is always so welcoming to us, and CHP does a fantastic job organizing outreach events.

November 25, 2010– Guthrie Center’s Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner

The Free Legal Clinic collaborated with the Guthrie Center for its Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner and Free Legal Clinic. Board Member Tanya Hills and Eve Schatz, Esq. served dinner, conducted free intakes and made referrals to local attorneys, social and community organizations. Thank you to George Lay, director of the Guthrie Center, for your gracious welcome and good words about how FLC benefits your constituents.

In The Future- Community Education Programs

FLC is scheduling a series of community education programs that will be offered for free to the public. Our first event, TBA will be a collaboration with CHP, attorney Gail Garrett who will speak about pro se divorce and attorney Eve Schatz who will speak about the court process after one is sued by your credit card company for non-payment of bills. Call us at 413-854-1955 and let us know what area of law you would like to know more about.

FLC is happy to announce the addition of two new interns this winter:

Gabe Rossman believes in social justice and is especially interested in legal work that promotes the public interest. He has taught in a public school in the Dominican Republic, volunteered for Save the Children in Columbia, and is currently co-editor of Noumenon, an intercollegiate “magazine of ideas”. Gabe studies Psychology and International Relations at Wesleyan University.

Andrea Campbell graduated with a B.A. in International Affairs from Northeastern University, spent the summer volunteering in Haiti and is currently living in Southern Connecticut researching career and graduate school opportunities in New York City. Andrea has a longstanding passion for justice and public service, especially for educational equality and human rights.

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